Customer support is available from Monday through Friday, from 10am to 5pm, either by email at info@kabuki-design.com or by private message on Instagram.


How can I pay for the services?

You can pay by Apple pay, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Credit Card, or MB WAY.

For how long is my purchase valid?

After the purchase, your service package will be valid for 1 year.

Can I add extra 1:1 meeting hours with the Designer to my service package?

For an additional fee, you can add consultation hours to further discuss your project with our team. Send us an email to info@kabuki-design.com.

I don’t live in Portugal. Can I still subscribe to KABUKI services?

All our services are online. They can be subscribed from any country in the world. Our designers are fluent in Portuguese, English and other languages.

Why choose KABUKI over a traditional interior design service?

- Access to a team of professional interior designers, regardless of your location.

- Convenience in designing your space completely online without the challenge of scheduling in-person meetings.

- Our competitively priced interior design services give you access to a set of tools and knowledge that will help you build the room you've always dreamt about.

I'm not sure I need to remodel my home. What other services can KABUKI provide?

At KABUKI no project is too small. If you feel that a remodeling project is too ambitious but at the same time you are looking to bring a little design to your home, don't hesitate to contact us. Our additional services range from monitoring and visiting stores, decorating festive tables, among others. Send an email to info@kabuki-design.com

I’m not sure which service best fits my needs.

We suggest that you purchase our base package, KABUKI "Tête-A-Tête". This will give you access to a 1:1 meeting with our designers about your ideas and needs. After this initial consultation, if necessary, we can upgrade to the right package. Discover which is the best service for you here.

Can I purchase one of your services as a gift?

Of course you can! Send an email to info@kabuki-design.com with the name of the person to whom you want to offer our services, and we’ll issue a customized voucher.

Can I exchange or return a service package?

Yes, you can choose one of these forms of compensation:

Voucher - you keep the purchase value as a voucher you can use for one year.

Exchange - it must be done before starting the project and within 30 days after purchase. The service package can be exchanged for another service of equal or greater value.

How does Kabuki work?

Step 1 - Select the service that best match your needs.

Step 2 - Choose the room you want to renovate.

Step 3 - Find your design style through an online survey.

Step 4 - Share all the information about your space.

Step 5 - Have a video call with your designer.

Step 6 - Allow our designers unleash their creativity.

Step 7 - Receive your KABUKI design proposal.

Styling Project

How long does it take to complete a project?

The standard delivery time for a project depends on the complexity of the project, as well as the volume of existing orders. The client will always be informed about an estimation after receiving confirmation of payment.

- Kabuki Tête-À-Tête projects will be delivered in 1-2 weeks

- Classic Kabuki projects will be delivered between 3-5 weeks

- Exclusive Kabuki projects will be delivered between 6-8 weeks

What is the best method to photograph and take measurements of my home?

Follow the instructions on this page.

What happens if I miss my scheduled briefing meeting?

Any reschedules must be made 24h in advance. If you have a last-minute unforeseen event, you must contact us via email or WhatsApp, so that we can arrange the rescheduling.

What if I don't like the proposal?

Any proposal will be made after the initial briefing. If it does not meet your expectations, we can make a revision. Check the conditions here.

Can my designer incorporate existing furniture and pieces?

Yes. Once you have photographed the room you wish to remodel, you can identify the furniture and pieces you would like to keep. Make sure you take their measurements and share them with your designer.

How can I interact with the designer throughout the process?

The interaction with your designer can be done through our email address.

The space to be remodeled is a small studio or open space, can it be considered one room only?

If the space you want to remodel has more than one function, including living room, dining room and kitchen, we ask that you subscribe to two design packages. Our designers will think about each functional area individually, combining everything into a great design project.

If the space you want to remodel is a studio with less than 20m2, you will only need to subscribe to one design package.

What to do when an item on the shopping list isn’t available?

If one of the items on the shopping list isn’t available at the time of purchase, you should send us an email, so we can find alternatives. This will have no additional costs.

Interior Design Project

I want to remodel/do construction in my apartment, but I prefer in-person assistance.

We have the ideal service for you, fully customizable and adjustable to your needs. Please send an email to info@kabuki-design.com.

How much does an interior design project cost?

The fee proposal will be sent to you after an initial briefing, in which we’ll understand your needs and requirements.

I want to have fully customized furniture pieces. Can you help me?

Of course, our team of designers also has experience in the furniture sector, from the design of the pieces to the coordination with suppliers and assembly.

What kind of services are included in your Interior Design project?

Our interior design project is 360. We are with you in all stages of the project, from concept to technical drawings, 3D images, coordination with municipalities, construction supervision, selection of furniture, and any other services you may need.

How long does it take to complete a project?

As a totally personalised project, we can only determine the deadline after the first briefing with the client.

Staging Project

I work in a real estate agency; how can I use your services?

You can use two methods:

Method 1 - access our website and learn about the services we have to offer and follow the proposed steps.

Method 2 - Contact us by email for collaborations or partnerships.

I can do the staging of my house, but I would like your help to take more professional pictures. Do you provide this service?

Yes, we work with professional photographers, who’ll study the right angles and light of the spaces, bringing out the best in your house.

What is home staging for?

It is a tool capable of accelerating the sale or rental of your property.

Is home staging just another cost?

No. Home staging is an investment, in which you invest in your home to get more profit at the sale or rental.

What is home staging for?

It is a tool capable of accelerating the sale or rental of your property.

I love your virtual staging proposal. Can I buy the products?

Of course you can. We suggest that you purchase a shopping list add-on, so you can have access to detailed information of the selected pieces.

How does the home staging service work?

Our staging services are virtual. We use the most advanced digital tools, in order to give your property a new image.

Do I have to implement all the recommendations of the staging package?

Yes, in the initial briefing we will discuss your needs, your budget, and more. We suggest that you follow our proposal for a better return on the value of the house.

Do you do in-person staging projects?

Yes, for any information about on-site staging, please contact us at our email info@kabuki-design.com.