KABUKI, from the verb kabuku, which means "out of the ordinary"!

We were inspired by KABUKI theater! A Japanese form of theater characterized by a heavy stylization of drama, intricate staging, and elaborate scenography, where the stage, the audience, and the sets come together in the smallest details to create a uniquely immersive experience.

Transform your house into a theater set, creating dramatic and unique environments, capable of surprising and delighting your guests, family, and friends. Bring your personal style to life, reflecting your personality and tastes in each room.

Pessoa decorando uma estante, numa sala de estar

Passionate about patterns, colors, and textures from an early age, Sofia Silva is a young Portuguese architect and interior designer with a solid international background and experience. Before heading to the East in 2013, Sofia graduated from ISCTE - University Institute of Lisbon, with an Integrated Master's in Architecture.

Over the last decade, Sofia collaborated with several international studios based in Shanghai and Singapore as Creative Director, specializing in interior architecture, in the Hospitality, F&B (Food & Beverage), and residential sectors. During this period, Sofia had the privilege of working with major brands such as Six Senses, Hilton, and Accor, among others, and Michelin-starred chefs.

Sofia's works and projects are present across cities as different as Shanghai, Singapore, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Hanoi, among others.

KABUKI Design emerges from a vast accumulated experience and the will to simplify the process and way of thinking about design.